Santorini Beaches – Dive in the dream

Santorini consists almost entirely of volcanic rock formations. They welcome every visitor who is approaching Athinios port, as a spectacular multi-coloured sequence on the natural walls of the Caldera. The deposition of volcanic material has given to Santorini's beaches their unique character. Book a seat with Baikas Travel and let us take you to:



  • Black Beach. In Kamari, watched over by a huge rock, a fairytale of black sand is unfolding. Its wild beauty is capturing the eye, in perfect contrast to the peace and openness of the eastern horizon. The Black Beach is excellently organised all along its length, ready to fulfill any of your desires.
  • Perissa. As we move to the south along the coastline, we arrive at Perissa, where the heart of intense beach-life beats, with plenty of activities, beach bars and restaurants to choose from.
  • Red Beach. This magnificent geological formation, a bright red sandy bay in the embrace of huge volcanic rocks, is located in Akrotiri and is destined to mesmerise you.
  • White Beach. Accessible by boat departing from Akrotiri. An unparallelled natural beauty where ice-like formations of white rocks with pale blue hues, reflect the light inviting you to dive into Paradise.


Price per person: from 60 euros
Big discounts for groups
Vip tours: from 200 euros