Greek Wedding Show

Dance and music are intrinsically parts of Greek culture, a traditional culture with deep historical roots, known internationally for its vibrant richness.

"THE GREEK WEDDING SHOW" is a spectacle unique in all Greece.
It is a presentation of the music and the dance unlike any that you may have ever seen before. A unique show, in which you will sense the feeling of being not a mere spectator, but of being an actual representative of our culture.

"THE GREEK WEDDING SHOW" displays a typical Greek wedding celebration, through traditional music and dance, in a festive spectacle in which audience not only watches but genuinely participates.
The public takes part in the fun, as if they are specially invited guests of a traditional Greek family.

Among with the entrance fee you will enjoy a variety of local tapas, with the finest flavours of the Greek cuisine such as: bread, salad, tomatoes, olives, cheese...
Live the experience of a Big Fat Greek Wedding and celebrate with us in the traditional manner; music, dance, wine, and of course participate in our tradition of the breaking of the plates, as a symbolic severing of old arrangements and the start of the wedding couple's brilliant new career. THE GREEK WEDDING SHOW has everything that you know and love about Greece: music, wine, dance, history, tradition, beauty and fun. It is one of the few productions in the country that faithfully captures the feeling and the attitude of the Greeks transforming them into music and dance. • Pick up & return at the place of your choice
• Local tapas and wine
• day schedule: every day from 16th MAY- October 21:00

Price: 65 Euros